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  The POPFACE, this naming comes from “Pop-out face”, is a three dimensional face photo like a pop-up book. This is a quite unique 3D photo, the world’ only one custom-made 3D photo, made from only photos. The POPFACE is produced by digital 3D technology and our unique 3DPF technique. Its strongest point is the real which seems to be exactly same as its original, and it is only realized by the same technique “3DPF” as our existing product The REALFACE. It would be impossible to achieve the same quality and the real by a 3D printer. With the higher grade quality the original photos are taken, the more real product you would get.
  You can see the enlarged image by clicking each picture.  
cat popface
cat popface
dog popface
dog popface
dog popface

<Size, production rate and delivery time>   

  Outer frame = about 26cm x 31cm (picture = about 15cm x 20cm).
Portrait or landscape depends on the original photos.

Production rate is JPY 50,000.
The shipping charge is different according to the destination. Please contact us for more details.
If you need duplication of the POPFACE, the rate is JPY 25,000 per face for the 2nd or more.
We will make a quotation separately if you wish mouth-opening photo. (There would be cases that we can’t make 3D photo from the photos supplied depending on the photo angles.).

The standard delivery time is one month, but it may become longer in case of full production.


Please choose one of the below 5 colors.
(natural, brown, pastel white, pastel pink and pastel green)
  natural frame brown frame pastel white frame pastel pink frame oastel green frame  

<The points of taking photos and how to choose>

  The original photos should be in focus, no shaking, clear and large target size.
Facing the front, the mouth being closed and looking at the camera.
We will make a quotation separately if you wish the POPFACE in the side view, left and right oblique, mouth being open, and holding something in its mouth.
We accept even one photo which was taken from the front, but it is much better to get more real POPFACE if you supply other photos taken from another angles as reference.
The quality of the original photos would decide the quality of the final product, therefore please choose the high grade quality photos as good as possible.


  ・There would be cases that we may ask you to send another photo or decline your order depending on the quality
  of photos you have sent.
・There would be cases that the feeling of solidity and/or the color tone is different a little bit from the original
  because we use the special technique.
・We usually produce one product only.
・The amount of popping-out is maximum 8cm.
 There would be a case you may feel sense of incongruity when seeing from the side by a kind of pet.
・As this is a custom made product, we don’t accept cancelation once we start producing or returning the product.
・Please get the approval of rights to use the photo/image in advance if applicable.
・If you find any damage on the product when delivery, please tell us in one week.

<Tips for how to keep it clean and beautiful for the long time> 

  ・Please don’t put the product in direct sunshine to avoid color fade or sunburn.
・Please don’t leave the product at places to become high temperature like in the car in summer time to avoid
  any deformation.
・Wiping softly with a felt brush is recommended to keep it clean.
・Do not lick, do not eat. Please be careful to keep it away from the month.
・Please don’t use solvent like thinner and alcohol as well as chemical cloth to avoid color off.

<Ordering process of POPFACE>

  1. Please send e-mail with the original photos to

2. We will check the photos then decide if we can go forward, then inform you.

3. Please fill the necessary items in the form from us, then send it back to us again.

4. At the point of confirmation of the receipt of money from you, the production agreement is done.

5. As soon as we complete the production, we will send the POPFACE to you.

To order POPFACE, please send e-mail to 
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