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  The REALFACE looks exactly like the original face based on technique called “3DPF” (Three-Dimension Photo Form) invented by REAL-f.It bequeaths you what exactly you are and have been as the memories of your special scenes or a new type of portrait.
Our original "3PDF" technique which can transfer the original photo onto the 3D prototype makes it possible to duplicate skin texture, eye's blood vessels and iris, and even your eye appeal exactly the same as the originals which an ordinal portrait can’t do.If you are thinking to leave a memory of yourself or your loved one, The REALFACE is the best fit.

※The material of The REALFACE is not elastic. The “soft” REALFACE like human skin is now being developed.

  You can see the enlarged image by clicking each picture.  
the realface of five
men's realface
ladies' realface
side realface
closeup eye

<Features of the products>

  Reality - no one has never realized
The REAL, which has never existed before. It’s absolutely unique.
The natural feel of skin which can only be realized by 3DPF technique brings you the real.
The REALFACE is the product on which the high-grade original photo quality is copied.
The REALFACE is an absolutely unique mask which competes with a wax model.

Short deliver time
The deliver time is minimum 3 weeks which can be achieved by 3DPF technique.
Our production capacity is now able to produce up to 30 duplicated masks a month.

Low price
With short delivery time, we have achieved low price.

Good durability
The product has enough durability even when installed outdoors with little color fade and/or sunburn. It would keep “you” unchanged forever.

<Examples of application> 

  A new type of portrait in the new age instead of an existing ordinal portrait
A decorated art object at home or in the office
Goods by way of joke in the party
A tool attracting customers by putting on a mannequin
A substitute for celebrity
A service to fans
A life-sized and 3D pop advertise

<Production method and rate>

  Production from an impression of the face (minimum delivery time is about 3 weeks)

This is an ordinal way of production. It would take 30 minutes for preparation, 30 minutes for taking photos and 30 minutes for taking an impression of the face, 1 hour and 30 minutes in total.
We send 2 members of staff to take photos and an impression (only in Japan), or do in the studio in Tokyo, Japan. If you want us to make a business trip to come, please prepare a desk, a chair and a power supply.
Taking an impression of the face is like a facial plaster pack at beauty salon.

Production rate is JPY 300,000.

Production from 3D scan (minimum delivery time is about 4 weeks).

The photo and 3D scan are taken by our professional camera man.
This production method is not a burden on the customer and it will take only 30 minutes to complete.
If you take this production method, it is done at the studio in Tokyo.
You may also send 3D data taken by yourself to us.

Production rate is JPY 390,000.

Production from photos only (minimum delivery time is about 5 weeks).

Our professional technician makes your own 3D model from the photos, then makes The REALFACE based on it. We would like you to prepare high grade and precise photos taken from front, left and right oblique. More photos taken from side, up and other angles would be welcome to make better quality product.
As this method uses the technician’s imagination and sense to make your own 3D model, the final product may be a little bit different from the original.

Production rate is JPY 360,000.

※The shipping charge is different according to the destination. Please contact us for more details.


We can make nostrils and holes on eyes. You may choose one from 3 types of holes on eyes.
Type A: Nostrils and the center of pupils, 3mm diameter US$ +20
Type B: Nostrils and all of pupils US$ +20
Type C: Nostrils and all of eyes US$ -20


Please consult with us for any other requests.
We will meet your expectations as much as possible.


  ・The basic rate includes model production and photo process.
・If you need duplication of the mask, the rate is JPY 60K per mask for the 2nd or more.
・The shipping charge is different according to the destination. Please contact us for more details.
・The production rate doesn’t include the contract prices of a model rights and publicity rights.
・The production rate doesn’t include the travel expenses of our business trip.
・Please don’t leave the product at places to become high temperature like in the car in summer time to
  avoid any deformation.
・Please don’t put the product in direct sunshine to avoid color fade or sunburn.
・Please don’t use solvent like thinner and alcohol to avoid color off.
・Wiping softly with a felt brush is recommended to keep it clean.
・If you find any damage on the product when delivery, please tell us in one week.

Please contact us by sending e-mail to the below address.
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