REAL-f CO.,LTD. ("REAL-f") implements following initiatives to safeguard a custmer name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and such information ("personal information").

Basic policy

REAL-f respects personal information and is deeply aware that the data are important to maintaining privacy, and when handling personal infoemation in the course of buiseness activities, respects personal rights and privileges by having all directors and employees comply with the laws of japan as well as internal company regulations stipulated to safeguard presonal information in order to live up to the trust and expectations of REAL-f as well as its corporate responsibilities.

Handling of personal information



When REAL-f collects personal information from a customer, we identify the purpose of the use for that information and obtain the customer's consent concerning said use.

REAL-f does not use personal information for any purpose other than that for which it received consent. If we do disclose or provide personal information to a third party, we stipulate the protection of that personal information with the third party and assure the protection of that personal information.

REAL-f runs a customer service center to answer any quwstion concerning the handling of personal information. Furthermore, if REAL-f receives a request from a customer to check, revise or update as well as delete or stop the usu of the personal information that we maintain, we will do what is necessary to the extent deemed reasonable.

  How we use personal information

REAL-f uses personal information collected from customers for the business activities stated below as well as within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of that use.






To provide comprehensive services

To confirm the identity of customers or their authorized representatives

To preform administrative work related to transactions with customers (including sales and installation as well as administrstive work involving charges and payments)

To promote and sell the produvts (including product stock) and various services of REAL-f, and To conduct new product development as well as marketing activities for services

To manage customer and product information

To properly and satisfactorily execte other transaction with customers

  Shared use

REAL-f may share use of personal information, within the limits of the purposes of use stated above. In these cases, we will notify the customer of that fact when the information is collectied. Furthemore, the information that is collected and shared is considered to be the same as information collected by REAL-f, and REAL-f accepts responsibility for its management.

Providing personal information to third parties

REAL-f shall properly manage customer personal information and shall not provide it to third parties without obtaining the prior consent of the customer. However, this is with the exception of the following:




If we have received the consent of the custmer

If it is used as statistical data after being processed to make the custmer unidentifiable

If it is required by laws and regulations

If REAL-f discloses information to a business trustee or business partner which has executed a confidentiality agreement with REAL-f within the scope deemed necessary to accomplish a goal made explicit to the customer

  Provisions Regarding the Procedures for checking, changing, amending or stopping the use of his/her personal information provided

REAL-f shall properly respond if a customer wishes to check, change, amend or stop the use of his/her personal information provided to us according to the customer's personal request, please give us a call or an e-mail to contact us. In that case, we will make sure to check your identity, please understand.

Provisiions Regarding Inquiries about "Personal Information"

Inquires about customer personal information, requests for Disclosure, etc. as well as complaints can be directed to;

The personal information manager : Osamu Kitagawa
Address : 33-60, 7-cyome, Sakamoto, Otsu City, Shiga prif. Japan, 520-0113

Tel : +81-77-532-3169 (representative)

E-mail : o_Kitagawa@real-f.jp

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