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  Is usual care required ?
Product is covered by smooth material with less dust. Wiping with a dry cloth is recommended to keep it clean.

Can it be wiped with a damp cloth ?
As Product is well durable and waterproof, it should be OK but Please don't rub it excessively and keep it wet.

Can you make up from the top of the mask?
You can make up from the top of the mask, but when removing the make-up, do not use solvent type of fluid like thinner or alcohol, and gently wipe it off with non-alcohol cleansing or a neutral detergent diluted with water.

Can it be used outdoors ?
Avoid using it outdoors in the rain.
Please use it indoors where it is not exposed to direct sunlight as much as possible.

What is the time required for 3D scan shooting and the shooting space?
The time required for scan shooting is about 5 minutes. (However, it takes about 40 minutes to set up the shooting equipment).
Please prepare an empty shooting space of about 3m x 3m.

Is a smiling face accepted with teeth being exposed?
Basically the teeth are not included in the REALFACE. However please consult with us for extra rate for the teeth production.

How similar does it look?
When producing with 3D scan shooting, it will be finished with a level of accuracy that can be used for testing face recognition/authentication systems.
Also, in the case of production from photographs, the accuracy would be lower than the 3D method because the exact shape is imagined from the photographs.
If you need, we can offer you a step-by-step production by having the customer confirm the shape in the middle of production and proceed with your approval, which is very satisfied by a customer.

Can it be returned if Product is not in favor ?
As Product is custom-made, we don't accept return.
We usually try to make our best efforts to produce Product for a customer to be in favor.

Do you accept a special request like "Make it fair-complexioned" ?
We will do our best to meet the request by doing photo correction and so on.

Is it OK if I lick it?
Do not lick and/or eat it. Please be careful to keep it away from the month.

Do you accept to repair Product if it is broken ?
In case of heavy damage, we can't repair it.
But we can produce it again without the initial cost within the original model retention period.

How long is the original storage period?
The original made for you will be stored for one year.
It can be reproduced without initial cost if it is within the original storage period.

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